A world class act that will astonish even  the most critical listener.




MJM are the initials of the band’s front man and driving creative force, Michael J. Miller - a musician known by fans for being a veteran Rock-Metal Artist.

MJM began with his band Rapid Tears, a prominent Heavy Metal band on the Toronto music scene.  The first Rapid Tears album, “Honestly,” featured “Head Bang”  a finalist in FM radio’s Q107’s Rock Wars competition.

“Cry for Mercy” Rapid Tears’ second album was featured on CityTV’s “The New Music,” which aired countless times across Canada. Various Rapid Tears concerts were featured on CityTV. Rapid Tears also ranked high on the charts of European metal magazines such as Kerrang and Aardshok.

Rapid Tears “Honestly” and “Cry for Mercy” albums are now available worldwide on Sonic Age Records (Cult Metal Classics).

Miller then brought together the band Adrenalin, who signed with the German record label Long Island Records. Adrenalin promptly released the album “Dedicated”. It was distributed and sold in more than 30 countries and is currently available at CDbaby.com

The first MJM album entitled “Ascension” was released on tomatoM records, comprised of original songs written and arranged by Miller and producer Tom Atom.  But, perhaps the most powerful and poignant album to be released by MJM is their 2nd, “Valley of the Kings.”

Videos for Valley of the Kings singles “Black Eyed Susan” and “The Dogs of War” are available for viewing on YouTube. The album is available for sale on iTunes, Amazon.ca and CDbaby.com.

MJM “Instrumental” -  MJM’s 3rd album is a collection of killer guitar instrumental songs compiled from “Dedicated”, “Ascension” , “Valley of the Kings” plus new compositions.

Recently, MJM was twice awarded “Best Rock Song” for the compositions “Woman from Venus” and “Blacked Eyed Susan” by The Akademia Music awards in Hollywood.

MJM  IV  is now in production and coming soon!